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Each member of the Confirmation class has to write a “statement of faith”—including the youth leader, apparently. So I sat down to think about what I believe, and it struck me that there are several songs that sum it up a lot better than I ever could.

You can listen to each song by clicking on its title. (I think. I have faith in God, but not so much in my own technological abilities. Go figure.)

No Other Love (Rush of Fools)

God loves us. Really.

This isn’t ordinary love, either—it’s not limited and incomplete the way that human love is. It’s not dependent on what we do or even on what we believe. It’s just there, surrounding us no matter what.


Drivin’ Nails (Forbes Family)

The Bible stories about Jesus aren’t just fairy tales.


Moving All The While (Sidewalk Prophets)

God’s Holy Spirit helps us live.

It’s as close as our breath—and as important to our spiritual life as breathing is to our physical life. This Spirit is moving all the time, everywhere—and yet it’s within each one of us, too.


You Don’t Know What Love Is (White Stripes)

Sometimes we don’t get it.

This song seems harsh at first—but listen closely: It’s not judgment so much as pointing out that living apart from God doesn’t work very well and ultimately doesn’t make us happy. It’s not what we’re made for.


At Calvary (The Link Family)

Jesus helps us restore friendship with God.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense how the Cross works, exactly. But this song reminds us that it works: “mercy there was great and grace was free.”


The Horse Nobody Could Ride (Joey + Rory)

God doesn’t force us to follow him. It’s called “free will”: God waits patiently for us until we’re ready to accept Love—and the best ride of our lives.


All Are Welcome (Agapé)

Church isn’t just a social club: we’re meant to support each other on our journeys.


As Is (Peder Eide)

No need for perfection, here—God can use us just as we are to reach out in Love.


Gentle Arms Of Eden (Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer)

Sometimes we get caught up in debates about how life began or whether we should talk about Divine Truth as “he” or “she”—or which religion is “right” when others are “wrong.” That stuff is interesting, but we need to be careful not to miss the point:

God just wants us to come home to Love.

Five New Things I didn’t know I liked until this week:

1. Spider Rolls at Shanghai Bistro. Sounds weird, has crab shell in it, and looks a little like something you’d find under a log—but yum.

2. “Tens,” a card game that Carley taught me at the Youth Group Lock-In. I lost, of course (evidently luck is an important factor). Fun, though.

3. Bye Bye Birdie. Chi Hi did a great job last weekend putting on this musical, which, surprisingly, has nothing to do with birds. Kyla was fantastic as “Short Chorus Girl.”

4. The book of Hebrews. When the Sunday morning Bible study group decided to read this in-depth for the spring, I was less than thrilled. But it’s growing on me. 4:16 is my favorite verse so far: “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

5. Giving Ellie a bath. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still traumatic for both of us. But she manages to be so cute when she stands in the tub, alternately glaring at me and looking indignant. Plus her fur’s all soft and fluffy afterward.

What new things did you find this week?