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Spring Break is next week—technically, for me it starts at 3:01 this afternoon—and I’m trying not to be jealous that everyone else gets to take trips to exotic places and the farthest I’m likely to get is New Auburn.

So, here’s 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to for my Spring Break:

1. Taking a nap. Seriously, this one will probably happen at 3:02 today. (Ellie was up half the night because of the thunderstorms—which means I was up half the night…).

2. Finally getting caught up on all my grading. Who assigned all this stuff? Oh wait, it was me…

3. The Living Room’s Chai Hot Chocolate that I will use to bribe myself to grade papers.

4. Working on my dissertation. Yes, really. It’s not just the sleep deprivation talking—I had a great idea for it last week and haven’t had a chance to expand on it yet. (Also I will probably deserve another bribe for this…Sushi, anyone?)

5. Watching the last season of In Plain Sight, which starts tonight (10/9 central on USA!).

Happy Spring Break, everyone.

Five New Things I didn’t know I liked until this week:

1. Spider Rolls at Shanghai Bistro. Sounds weird, has crab shell in it, and looks a little like something you’d find under a log—but yum.

2. “Tens,” a card game that Carley taught me at the Youth Group Lock-In. I lost, of course (evidently luck is an important factor). Fun, though.

3. Bye Bye Birdie. Chi Hi did a great job last weekend putting on this musical, which, surprisingly, has nothing to do with birds. Kyla was fantastic as “Short Chorus Girl.”

4. The book of Hebrews. When the Sunday morning Bible study group decided to read this in-depth for the spring, I was less than thrilled. But it’s growing on me. 4:16 is my favorite verse so far: “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

5. Giving Ellie a bath. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still traumatic for both of us. But she manages to be so cute when she stands in the tub, alternately glaring at me and looking indignant. Plus her fur’s all soft and fluffy afterward.

What new things did you find this week?